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Murder Mystery Weekend

Format & Schedule

Detectives are required to attend investigational sessions, to establish those responsible for committing such terrible crimes.

About Us

Murders Most Horrid are a small group of murder mystery lovers who have been hosting immersive murder mystery weekends for over ten years. Each of us has become involved after having attended as guests and wanting more! Every member of the team is in it for the enjoyment and thrill, and as it’s not a job for any of us, we can keep our costs down whilst producing a quality event, as we’re not seeking to maximise income. We write and host each event and tailor it to the venue and to our guests; you’ll never attend the same event twice. We select our venues carefully for atmosphere, location and quality and we limit the number of events created each year to maximise their impact. We don’t believe there is anybody out there hosting events in the same way as us; fully immersive and interactive, you won’t be sitting there watching actors perform for you, you’re well and truly part of the event!

We’re approachable and friendly and love to talk all things Murder Mystery! If you have any questions or want to know more, drop us a line using the Enquiry Form

About Our Events

Do you fancy yourself as a detective? Think you have what it takes to crack the case? Have you picked up skills and tips from crime dramas and novels? Now is your chance to put your knowledge to the test.

You may be wondering what to expect at our events…

Each event is different from the last as they are tailor-made for the location. Our Murder Mystery weekends are fully immersive, so you must be alert from the moment you arrive. You will be required to investigate events, if and when they occur. You will need to identify and follow the clues, examine crime scenes, speak to witnesses, question suspects and look for links in an effort to identify those responsible. Your murder mystery weekend is a non-costumed event, so it’s up to you to work out who amongst you is involved. You may even be suspicious of one of your own team!

Throughout the weekend, expect twists and turns, drama, and lots of fun. You’ll also enjoy great food as all of our events are sold on a full-board basis; who knows, you may even pick up that vital clue during a conversation over dinner…We’ll also give you some free time, where you can enjoy the local area and our beautiful venues, safe in the knowledge that you won’t miss a thing.

The more facts you uncover, the more chance you have of solving the case.

Beware…Murderers may be among us!

Schedule Sample


4.00pm   All detectives to report to the designated area of hotel.
4.30pm   Detectives to relocate into the Criminal Investigation Room to await  introductory  brief  and information.
5.00pm   Refreshments & gather information about other detectives.
5.45pm     Inquiries, Interrogation and Investigational Update, session 1.
7.00pm    Evening meal … stay alert and be on your guard.
9.00pm   Inquiries, Interrogation and Investigational Update, session 2.
10.00pm  Off-duty drinks, socialising and relaxing in the bar, but stay alert and be on your guard.


8.00am     Breakfast … stay alert and be on your guard.
9.00am     Inquiries, Interrogation and Investigational Update, session 3.
10.15am   Refreshments break
10.45am    Inquiries, Interrogation and Investigational Update, session 4.
12.00pm    Lunch, followed by free, off-duty afternoon time.
5.00pm      Detectives return to take refreshments.
5.45pm      Inquiries, Interrogation and Investigational Update, session 5.
7.00pm      Evening meal … stay alert and be on your guard.
9.00pm      TEAM CHALLENGE … let’s see how clever you really are.
10.00pm    Off-duty drinks, socialising and relaxing in the bar but stay alert and be on your guard.


8.00am    Breakfast …stay alert and be on your guard
9.00am    Final chance to review weekend and to interrogate suspects.
10.15am    Refreshments taken, whilst teams finalise their conclusions.
10.45am    Individual team verdicts given by a nominated team member.
Who was responsible for what? When? How? Why?
Followed by individual and team awards presentation…
12.30pm   Lunch …then departure from hotel.

Please Note:

YOU WILL REPORT FOR DUTY ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON AT 4.00pm PROMPT, and will assemble in the designated area of the hotel to be ready to put your detective skills to the test. Investigational Sessions will take place in the Criminal Investigation Room.

YOU MAY CHECK INTO YOUR HOTEL ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON FROM 2.30pm, and your detective work should begin from the moment you arrive. You are encouraged to question everyone from the outset, because everyone will want to question you.

YOU SHOULD HAVE A NOTEBOOK AND PEN WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES to record every piece of information you find, hear or see. Ask questions about jobs, holidays, family, friends, hobbies, contacts, memberships, phobias, where people live etc.

Murders Most Horrid are a small friendly company based in the Lake District, who specialise in hosting high quality, action packed fun filled Murder Mystery Weekends.

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